Projects Archive 2015

The projects below were completed by LSM class members under the auspices of Leadership Southern Maryland Connections to affect change for an organization and our region.  These projects enable the class participants to go beyond simply connecting the dots of regional issues by connecting themselves to the organizations and become a part of lasting change.

LSM Class of 2015 Projects:

Defense: 2015-lsm-class-project_defense

Economic & Workforce Development: 2015-lsm-class-project_economic-workforce-development

Education: 2015-lsm-class-project_education

Energy & Environment: 2015-lsm-class-project_environment

Housing & Human Services: 2015-lsm-class-project_housing-human-services

Healthcare: 2015-lsm-class-project_healthcare

Multiculturalism/Diversity: 2015-lsm-class-project_multiculturalism

Public Safety: 2015-lsm-class-project_public-safety