Continue Your Leadership Journey: Join a Committee

 Leadership Southern Maryland’s impact isn’t just for a few months—it’s for life. We also rely on your talent, connections, and resources to continue to support the organization after graduation.  There are so many opportunities to volunteer, further strengthen Leadership Southern Maryland and, thereby, the community. We welcome you to select a role from the list below that best suits your background and availability.

LSM Needs You!

Serve a 1 year term on one of the following committees:

The Communications Committee is responsible for communicating the goals, purposes, needs and achievements of LSM to all communities in the region. These efforts impact recruitment, networking of alumni, and events. The committee is responsible for developing and updating social media plans, proofreading marketing pieces, and researching and pitching potential stories for electronic and print outlets.

The Development Committee establishes the charitable contributions goals for the annual budget, devises the annual fund development plan for action by the board, and recommends results and benchmarks for action. In addition, the responsibilities of this committee are to promote, solicit, and steward donor gifts and sponsorships of any amount (payable immediately or over multiple years).

This committee is responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing events and activities of a social and/or networking nature, either by class, or open to the entire membership for alumni and graduates (Homecoming, regional activities, etc.). In addition, the committee assists with annual dues solicitation by contacting classmates. It is also responsible for identifying, recruiting, interviewing, and selecting a diverse pool of qualified regional applicants.

The Programs Committee is responsible for planning, implementing, evaluating, and improving the curriculum for the nine-month Executive Program, to include eight major regional issues/awareness sessions and utilizing program graduates a advocates, presenters, discussion facilitators, and moderators.

All content is provided and previous years’ publications are used to guide the process. The volunteer will design the layout, input content, execute edit, and provide a printable file.

The Finance Committee is charged with reviewing and endorsing the annual budget, which is prepared by the treasurer and committee members, prior to its presentation to the board of directors for approval. The committee also reviews monthly financials and annual reports and makes recommendations on other financial issues as they arise.

Solidify your Support, Strengthen the Community

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