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LSM Spotlight – Meet Kristine Wilcox LSM’15

Energy and creativity are key words you could use to describe Leadership Southern Maryland (LSM) board member Kristine Wilcox, Executive Program Class of 2015.  Wilcox joined the board last June and supports LSM as the chair of the communications committee.  She is a senior communications / multimedia specialist for AVIAN, a company that offers government and commercial solutions in test and evaluation, systems engineering, workforce development, program management, IT, strategic communications, logistics, and more.  Wilcox provides strategic communications and design products to NAVAIR customers, advising military and civilian leadership on internal and external messaging.  She also manages all communications tools and products for the customer.  She is a graphic design expert, creating everything from fact sheets and logos to large scale display boards and wall designs.

When Leadership Southern Maryland took a pause from programing due to the COVID-19 crisis, members of the LSM staff and board of directors quickly switched gears to find new ways to support the Southern Maryland community.  Wilcox took up the call to help immediately.  She worked with her fellow committee members to brainstorm ways to support the local medical community and quickly devised a plan.  With Wilcox leading the way, LSM set up a fund drive to support its efforts.  In the coming weeks, it will provide meals and signs of encouragement to hospital staff in the tri-county area.

To those who know Wilcox, her passion for helping during this time comes as no surprise.  She has a long history of community involvement, serving on the St. Mary’s County Ducks Unlimited committee since 2007.  She has also participated in Christmas in April for several years through her company.  Wilcox brings a wealth of experience in communications and design to the organizations she supports.

Wilcox’s participation in LSM’s Executive Program in 2015 helped her to both broaden her view of Southern Maryland and better focus on where the need for support existed.  “It made me more aware of what was happening in the tri-county area and how each of the three counties are similar in a lot of things but have their distinct differences,” she said.  “It also made me more aware of the biggest concerns for our communities.”  Of course, no one could have foreseen the global pandemic and the unprecedented challenges it would thrust upon our region, country and the world.  However, with her signature mixture of energy and creativity, Wilcox is committed to leading the LSM charge to support Southern Maryland in its time of need.  Find out more HERE.