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LSM Educates & Inspires, Vol. 3

Eric Bailey, LSM’12 “Best Class Ever!”

One of the unique aspects of Leadership Southern Maryland is the way in which it brings people together who might not have crossed paths otherwise. The class is diverse in many ways, which brings a true melting pot quality to the experience. LSM delivers educational and inspiring programming, but, oftentimes, the personal connections are just as impactful. That was the case for Eric Bailey, LSM Class of 2012.

Bailey’s fondest LSM memory was created on the very first day of the Executive program at orientation. “Everyone started out as strangers and not feeling completely comfortable around each other; but by the end of the day, relationships had started to develop,” he recalls. Connecting with his classmates led to personal growth which brought about exciting changes in Bailey’s life. “My career path is about the same since then, but my personal life has changed the most. When I started with LSM my wife and I did not have any kids, but we now have 4. I spend a greater amount of my time and energy now focusing on my family than previously,” he said.

Outside of his personal life, Bailey directs his energy towards his career, working as a project manager for Marrick Properties, a residential and commercial developer in Southern Maryland. In this role, he acts as project manager for new commercial projects and property manager for existing properties, totaling approximately 500,000 SF of space. It’s no surprise that, when he has a chance to recharge, he’s likely to seize the opportunity to spend time with his family.

Finding and maintaining balance between career and family is one of the most precious lessons one can learn. LSM’s Executive program sessions are educational and thought-provoking, but it’s the people that make up the class that make each year a truly unique learning experience.