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Leadership Southern Maryland Committed to Diversity and Social Justice

Leadership Southern Maryland (LSM) is a nine-month, program to develop leaders from the Southern Maryland area. Participants will have the opportunity to broaden their perspectives on some of the most significant and pressing issues challenging the Southern Maryland region and the country.

LSM’s alumni and leadership team are comprised of a cross-section of diverse community leaders from different backgrounds, professions, ethnicities, ages, genders, and religions. As calls for social justice, equality, and unity sweep across the nation, LSM is proud to be at the forefront of such topics and conversations.

“Diversity, inclusion, social justice and equality are not buzzwords for our organization” said Denise Foster, executive director for LSM. She continued, “Addressing these topics are core to the mission of LSM. Program participants come together one day a month to learn about a specific topic and Diversity Day is one of the most anticipated.”

The day is led by Founder and CEO Emeritus, Strathmore, Eliot Pfanstiehl. He facilitates and leads the participants to have tough, thoughtful, productive, and respectful conversations around the various and sensitive topics of race, religion, ageism, and sexuality. When asked about the recent protests regarding racial inequality, he replied, “There has never been a time in the history of our nation when this topic had more urgency and relevancy.” When asked his advice for future LSM program participants, he said, “There will be no agenda other than your own questions, beliefs and hopes. You will build the day from whatever is meaningful to you and your classmates. You will be amazed.”

Throughout its 11-year history, LSM has been committed to improving and enhancing opportunities for diversity and inclusion across Southern Maryland. As the nation navigates through these historic times, LSM will continue to lead the way and serve as a shining beacon of hope and light for all residents of Southern Maryland.