Heritage Award

Leadership Southern Maryland recognizes an individual or group from our region that has mastered leadership with a track record of collaborative and inclusive leadership, service by supporting meaningful innovation in their community and region, and mentoring through the fostering of motivating professionals to elevate their potential. The Heritage Award is made on a rotating basis for Leadership, Service, and Mentoring.

Heritage Award for 2018 – Leadership

Leadership Southern Maryland’s Heritage Award for Leadership was presented to Tom Jarboe on October 28, 2018 at LSM’s 10th Anniversary Celebration held at Middleton Hall, Waldorf, Md.

Past Recipients for the Heritage Award:

  • 2012 – Excellence in Leadership – Wilson H. Parran
  • 2013 – Excellence in Service – Evelyn S. Hungerford, Glen R. Ives, Harriet S. Yaffe
  • 2014 – Excellence in Mentoring  – Karen E. Holcomb
  • 2015 – Excellence in Leadership – Noel Cervino, Christine R. Wray, James J. Xinis
  • 2016 – Excellence in Service – Bernie Fowler, Jr.
  • 2017 – Excellence in Mentoring – John McAllister
  • 2018 – Excellence in Leadership – Tom Jarboe