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Class of 2019 Experiences Housing & Human Services in Southern Maryland

LEONARDTOWN, Md. – March 19, 2019: On March 7, 2019, the Leadership Southern Maryland (LSM) Class of 2019 participated in the seventh of nine educational sessions – Housing and Human Services.

The morning began with Cathy Meyers, LSM founding sponsor and executive director at Center for Children, Inc., presenting the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) assessment. Afterward, she gave context to the assessment, educating the class on how childhood experiences, poverty, mental health, and homelessness can be intertwined and how adverse childhood experiences can affect one’s ability to thrive. The class also received an overview of human services in Southern Maryland thanks to a presentation by Department of Social Services directors Therese Wolfe (Charles) and Alexis Zoss (St. Mary’s).

Chris Longmore LSM’09, attorney and partner at Dugan, McKissick & Longmore, led the lunchtime activity and discussion on how we, as leaders, can help with housing and human services issues in our own communities and beyond. Next, the class heard from Jennifer Moreland LSM’17, director of community resources for Calvert County Government who spoke about collaborative efforts in the region. She was followed by a presentation by Lisa Blottenberger, owner of Boundless Expectations, on resources for families impacted by learning differences. The session concluded with a discussion on innovative approaches to intervening in homelessness by Sandy Washington of LifeStyles of Maryland, Inc. and remarks by Karen Carloni LSM’17 from Southern Maryland Community Network on investing in human potential.

The class wrapped up their day with a networking event at Elements Eatery and Mixology in Lexington Park. Class participants were able to meet and interact with LSM alumni, over 300 strong, and reflect on the day’s events.